The November 1998 General Election saw the Progressive Labour Party win and take control of the Government for the first time with 26 seats to the UBP’s 14 seats.

The UBP went into that election with 22 seats, while the PLP had 18. The PLP picked up 8 seats in the 1998 Election, giving them a total of 26 seats which gave the Party control of the Government.

The 26 elected PLP MPs were: Dennis Lister, Eugene Cox, Terry Lister, Walter Lister, Reginald Burrows, Stanley Lowe, Elvin James, Dr. Ewart Brown, Dale Butler, Alex Scott, Neletha Butterfield, Wayne Perinchief, David Allen, Stanley Morton, Nelson Bascome, Ottiwell Simmons, Lois Browne-Evans, Paula Cox, Arthur Hodgson, Randolph Horton, Derrick Burgess, Renee Webb, Jennifer Smith, Delaey Robinson, Arthur Pitcher and Wilbur Lowe.

The 14 elected UBP MPs were: Michael Dunkley, John Barritt, Alan Marshall, Cole Simons, Trevor Moniz, C.V. Jim Woolridge. Erwin Adderley, Gary Pitman, Dr Grant Gibbons. Kim Young, Tim Smith, Madeline Joell, Pamela Gordon and David Dodwell.

Sandy’s North
Elected: Dennis Lister & Eugene Cox PLP WIN
Dennis Lister PLP 1,252
Eugene Cox PLP 1,244
Edward Bailey UBP 566
Anthony Steede UBP 551
Registered Voters- 2,341
Turn-Out: 1,830 78%

Sandys South
Elected: Terry Lister & Walter Lister PLP WIN
Terry Lister PLP 1,304
Walter Lister PLP 1,285
Rita Grant UBP 439
A.E. Ted Gauntlet UBP 428
Registered Voters-2,192
Turn-Out: 1,840 84%

Southampton West
Elected: Pamela Gordon & David Dodwell UBP WIN
Pamela Gordon UBP 802
David Dodwell UBP 768
Michael Scott PLP 638
Registered Voters-1,715
Turn-Out: 1,406 82%

Southampton East
Elected: Reginald Burrows & Stanley Lowe PLP WIN
Reginald Burrows PLP 929
Stanley Lowe PLP 942
Raymond Ming UBP 402
Calvin Simons UBP 402
Registered Voters-1,678
Turn-Out: 1,350 81%

Warwick West
Elected: Elvin James & Dr. Ewart Brown PLP WIN
Elvin James PLP 1,195
Dr. Ewart Brown PLP 1,193
Quinton Edness UBP 883
Yvette Swan UBP 873
Registered Voters-2,497
Turn-Out: 2,097 84%

Warwick East
Elected: Dale Butler & Alexander Scott PLP WIN
Dale Butler PLP 1,320
Alexander Scott PLP 1,278
Lawrence Scott UBP 784
E.T. Bob Richards UBP 776
Registered Voters-2,558
Turn-Out: 2,097 82%

Paget West
Elected: Tim Smith & Madeline Joell UBP WIN
Tim Smith UBP 662
George Scott PLP 429
Madeline Joell UBP 429
Registered Voters-1,313
Turn-Out: 1,061 81%

Paget East
Elected: Dr Grant Gibbons & Kim Young UBP WIN
Dr Grant Gibbons UBP 855
Kim Young UBP 840
Milton Scott PLP 127
Registered Voters-1,218
Turn-Out: 961 79%

Pembroke West
Elected: Erwin Adderley & Gary Pitman UBP WIN
Erwin Adderley UBP 821
Gary Pitman UBP 800
Carvel Vanputten PLP 521
Philip Perinchief PLP 324
Registered Voters-1,698
Turn-Out: 1,364 80%

Pembroke West Central
Elected: Neletha Butterfield & Wayne Perinchief PLP WIN
Neletha Butterfield PLP 813
Wayne Perinchief PLP 787
Jerome Dill UBP 722
Ann Cartwright Decouto UBP 711
Registered Voters-1,823
Turn-Out: 1,541 85%

Pembroke East Central
Elected: David Allen & Stanley Morton PLP WIN
Stanley Morton PLP 891
David Allen PLP 887
Wayne Scott UBP 372
Patricia Gordon-Pamplin UBP 404
Registered Voters-1,711
Turn-Out: 1,305 76%

Pembroke East
Elected: Nelson Bascome & Ottiwell Simmons PLP WIN
Ottiwell Simmons PLP 1,061
Nelson Bascome PLP 1,098
Michael Williams UBP 191
David Petty UBP 184
Registered Voters-1,645
Turn-Out: 1,286 78%

Devonshire North
Elected: Lois Browne-Evans & Paula Cox PLP WIN
Lois Browne-Evans PLP 1,243
Paula Cox PLP 1,249
Charles Hollis UBP 344
Alexander Ming UBP 342
Frances Breary NLP 61
Edwin Armstrong NLP 59
Registered Voters-1,567
Turn-Out: 1,676 78%

Devonshire South
Elected: Michael Dunkley & John Barritt UBP WIN
John Barritt UBP 1,030
Michael Dunkley UBP 1,021
Quinton Butterfield PLP 659
Dennis Farias PLP 603
Registered Voters-2,130
Turn-Out: 1,684 79%

Smith’s North
Elected: Alan Marshall & Cole Simons UBP WIN
Cole Simons UBP 809
Alan Marshall UBP 810
Patrice Parris PLP 437
Charles Jeffers NLP 201
Registered Voters-1,555
Turn-Out: 1,264 81%

Smith’s South
Registered Voters-1,567
Elected: Trevor Moniz & C.V. Jim Woolridge UBP WIN
C.V. Jim Woolridge UBP 750
Trevor Moniz UBP 730
David Burch PLP 563
Graeme Outerbridge NLP 150
Gershwyn Smith IND 38
Registered Voters-1,567
Turn-Out: 1,311 84%

Hamilton West
Elected: Arthur Hodgson & Randolph Horton PLP WIN
Arthur Hodgson PLP 773
Randolph Horton PLP 790
Wayne Furbert UBP 539
Maxwell Burgess UBP 522
Registered Voters-1,542
Turn-Out: 1,323 86%

Hamilton East
Elected: Derrick Burgess & Renee Webb PLP WIN
Derrick Burgess PLP 882
Renee Webb PLP 823
Stephen West UBP 447
Angelita Fox UBP 438
Registered Voters-1,549
Turn-Out: 1,316 85%

St. George’s North
Elected: Jennifer Smith & Delaey Robinson PLP WIN
Jennifer Smith PLP 773
Dalaey Robinson PLP 693
Kim Swan UBP 543
Robert Stewart UBP 478
Kenneth Bascome IND 101
Gavin Smith GLP 16
Kingsley Francis IND 8
Registered Voters-1,557
Turn-Out: 1,322 85%

St. George’s South
Elected: Arthur Pitcher & Wilbur Lowe PLP WIN
Arthur Pitcher PLP 714
Wilbur Lowe PLP 702
Richard Spurling UBP 626
Derrick Carlington UBP 612
Registered Voters-1,643
Turn-Out: 1,344 82%