The election was held on 24th July 2003, and saw the PLP win 22 seats to the UBP’s 14 seats.

The PLP won 15,222 votes [51.65%], the UBP won 14,142 votes [47.98%] and the remainder went to the NLP or Independents.

Prior to this election there were 40 MPs elected representing 20 dual-seat constituencies, which was changed to 36 single seat constituencies.

C#36: Sandys North
Eugene Cox [PLP] won with 64.15% of the vote against Gerald Fubler [UBP] who received 35.85%

C#35: Sandys North Central
Dennis Lister [PLP] won with 67% of the vote against Anthony Steede [UBP] who received 33%

C#34: Sandys South Central
Walter Lister [PLP] won with 66.59% of the vote against Ed Bailey [UBP] who received 28.72% while Graeme Outerbridge [NLP] received 4.69%.

C#33: Sandys South
Terry Lister [PLP] won with 62% of the vote against Ted Gauntlett [UBP] who received 38%

C#32: Southampton West
Randy Horton [PLP] won with 63.08% of the vote against Al Wharton [UBP] who received 36.92%

C#31: Southampton West Central
Jon Brunson [UBP] won with 57.47% of the vote against Michael Scott [PLP] who received 42.53%

C#30: Southampton East Central
David Dodwell [UBP] won with 51.10% of the vote against Raymond Tannock [PLP] who received 48.90%

C#29: Southampton East
Stanley Lowe [PLP] won with 71.82% of the vote against Cal Simons [UBP] who received 28.18%

C#28: Warwick West
Neville Darrell [UBP] won with 59.86% of the vote against Chris Furbert [PLP] who received 40.14%

C#27: Warwick North Central
George Scott [PLP] won with 58.13% of the vote against Yvette Swan [UBP] who received 41.87%

C#26: Warwick South Central
Dr Ewart Brown [PLP] won with 65.99% of the vote against Gwyneth Rawlins [UBP] who received 34.01%

C#25: Warwick North East
Dale Butler [PLP] won with 52.27% of the vote against Mark Pettingill [UBP] who received 47.73%

C#24: Warwick South East
Alex Scott [PLP] won with 55.80% of the vote against Bob Richards [UBP] who received 44.20%

C#23: Paget West
Patricia Gordon Pamplin [UBP] won with 75% of the vote against Leopold Kuchler [PLP] who received 25%

C#22: Paget East
Dr Grant Gibbons [UBP] won with 80.63% of the vote against Delaey Robinson [PLP] who received 19.37%

C#21: Pembroke South East
Ashfield DeVent [PLP] won with 70.82% of the vote against Rocky Fox [UBP] who received 29.18%

C#20: Pembroke South West
Louise Jackson [UBP] won with 81.83% of the vote against Neville Darrell who received 18.17%

C#19: Pembroke West
Jamahl Simmons [UBP] won with 64.23% of the vote against Calvin Smith [PLP] who received 35.77%

C#18: Pembroke West Central
Neletha Butterfield [PLP] won with 63.75% of the vote against Erwin Adderley [UBP] who received 29.88% and Stuart Hayward [Independent] who received 6.38%

C#17: Pembroke Central
Wayne Perinchief [PLP] won with 55.09% of the vote against Leonard Santucci [UBP] who received 44.91%

C#16: Pembroke East Central
Nelson Bascome [PLP] won with 91.34% of the vote against Scott Hunter [UBP] who received 8.66%

C#15: Pembroke East
Ottiwell Simmons [PLP] won with 82.95% of the vote against Walter Cross [UBP] who received 17.05%

C#14: Devonshire North West
Paula Cox [PLP] won with 74.27% of the vote against Christian Dunleavy [UBP] who received 25.73%

C#13: Devonshire North Central
Glenn Blakeney [PLP] won with 57.22% of the vote against Hilary Soares [UBP] who received 42.78%

C#12: Devonshire South Central
John Barritt [UBP] won with 90% of the vote against Aurelia Burch [PLP] who received 10%

C#11: Devonshire East
Michael Dunkley [UBP] won with 63.68% of the vote against Neville Tyrell [PLP] who received 36.32%

C#10: Smith’s North
Patrice Parris [PLP] won with 57.33% of the vote against Alan Marshall [UBP] who received 42.67%

C#9: Smith’s West
Trevor Moniz [UBP] won with 56.39% of the vote against Scott Simmons [PLP] who received 43.61%

C#8: Smith’s South
Cole Simons [UBP] won with 73.84% of the vote against Elizabeth Christopher [PLP] who received 26.16%

C#7: Hamilton South
Maxwell Burgess [UBP] won with 56.02% of the vote against Lt/Col David Burch [PLP] who received 43.98%

C#6: Hamilton West
Wayne Furbert [UBP] won with 53.23% of the vote against Wilbur Lowe [PLP] who received 46.77%

C#5: Hamilton East
Derrick Burgess [PLP] won with 72.94% of the vote against Keetha Lowe [UBP] who received 27.06%

C#4: St. George’s South
Renee Webb [PLP] won with 50.45% of the vote against Tim Smith [UBP] who received 49.55%

C#3: St David’s
Suzann Roberts Holshouser [UBP] won with 50.96% of the vote against Danvers Seymour [PLP] who received 49.04%

C#2: St. George’s West
Dean Foggo [PLP] won with 51.27% of the vote against Kim Swan [UBP] who received 48.73%

C#1: St. George’s North
Dame Jennifer Smith [PLP] won with 49.53% of the vote against Kenneth Bascome [UBP] who received 48.59% and Gavin Smith [GLP] who received 1.87%