The 2020 General Election was held on October 1, 2020, with the PLP recording a landslide victory, claiming 30 of the 36 seats in the House of Assembly, and winning 62.10% of the popular vote.

The total vote count was 25,760 out of a total of 46,311 registered voters, equating to a voter turnout of around 55.6%.

The PLP entered the election holding a 25-11 majority, and held all their seats and won 5 more seats from the OBA, leaving the Opposition with only 6 seats in the House of Assembly.

The PLP made a strong showing in Southampton, picking up two more seats, with Jason Wade defeating the incumbent Leah Scott, who was the OBA’s Deputy Leader, while Crystal Caesar defeated the incumbent Ben Smith.

Slideshow of all the 2020 winners and candidates:

The PLP also picked up C19 [previously held by the OBA’s Jeanne Atherden] with Jache Adams claiming the win, Anthony Richardson won C7 [previously held by the OBA’s Sylvan Richards] and Vance Campbell won C9 [previously held by the OBA’s Trevor Moniz] to bolster the PLP to a super majority in the House of Assembly.

The only remaining OBA MPs left in Parliament after the 2020 Election were Craig Cannonier, Michael Dunkley, Cole Simons, Susan Jackson, Scott Pearman, and Jarion Richardson, with the OBA having lost 5 of the 11 seats they previously held, including in areas that had been viewed as OBA leaning.

In addition to the loss of seats, in most seats the OBA maintained, they won with a lower percentage of the vote as compared to 2017. Susan Jackson’s winning percentage increased by around 1%, and the only OBA MP to significantly increase his vote share was Michael Dunkley, whose winning percentage increased by around 8%.

The four other winning OBA candidates all won the seat by a lower percentage than in 2017, with OBA Leader Craig Cannonier – who was in a 4 way race — maintaining his seat, however had the largest decline in winning percentage, having dropped from 83.11% to 65.47%.

The newly formed FDM, which fielded 14 candidates in this election, did not win any seats, however, won 1384 votes [5.37% of the popular vote] and in three areas the FDM earned more than the OBA: Marc Bean [C36] Eugene Dean [C34] & Desmond Crockwell [C5]

The five Independents running won a combined 67 votes [0.26%].

The full General Election Winners follow below [PDF here]:

Const. #1 St. George’s North: PLP Win

Renee Anderson Ming PLP 608
James Smokey Perry OBA 195

Const. #2 St. George’s West: PLP Win

Thomas Edwin Harvey OBA 177
Dwain A. E. Smith FDM 65
Kim Swan PLP 576

Const. # 3 St. Davids: PLP Win

Edwin Cannonier OBA 125
Lovitta Fiona Foggo PLP 663

Const. # 4 St. George’s South: PLP Win

Tinee Sherrice Furbert PLP 655
Kimberlee Ann Maria Pitcher OBA 223

Const. #5 Hamilton East: PLP Win

Derrick Burgess PLP 641
Desmond Crockwell FDM 114
Elizabeth Harvey Deacon OBA 105

Const. #6 Hamilton West: PLP Win

Simone Barton OBA 162
Wayne Furbert PLP 634

Const. #7 Hamilton South: PLP Win

Cheryl Packwood FDM 89
Anthony Richardson PLP 422
Robin S. Tucker OBA 326

Const. #8 Smith’s South: OBA Win

Owen K. Darrell PLP 318
N.H. Cole Simons OBA 547

Const. #9 Smith’s West: PLP Win

Vic Ball OBA 403
Vance Marvin Eugene Campbell PLP 432

Const. #10 Smith’s North: OBA Win

Michael Henry Dunkley OBA 503
Dr. Ernest Gerald Victor Peets Jr. PLP 324

Const. #11 Devonshire East: PLP Win

Thomas Christopher Famous PLP 567
Patricia Gordon-Pamplin OBA 282

Const. #12 Devonshire South Central: OBA Win

Craig Cannonier OBA 531
Patrice Minors FDM 96
Lindsay Kathleen Simmons PLP 172
Marilyn Louise Steede IND 12

Const. #13 Devonshire North Central: PLP Win

Charles Francis Batson Swan OBA 197
Leighsa Darrell-Augustus FDM 63
Diallo Rabain PLP 496

Const. #14 Devonshire North West: PLP Win

Wayne Caines PLP 454
Catherine Kempe OBA 222

Const. #15 Pembroke East: PLP Win

Walter Henri Roban PLP 603
Scott Stewart OBA 44

Const. #16 Pembroke East Central: PLP Win

Michael Weeks PLP
Uncontested – WINNER

Const. #17 Pembroke Central: PLP Win

Jason Hayward PLP
Uncontested- WINNER

Const. #18 Pembroke West Central: PLP Win

David Burt PLP 626
Nick Kempe OBA 124
Enda Matthie FDM 37

Const. #19 Pembroke West: PLP Win

Jache Antoine Keith Adams PLP 368
Marcus James Anthony Jones OBA 307
Leyoni Junos FDM 39

Const. #20 Pembroke South West: OBA Win

Susan Jackson OBA 485
Davida Marie Morris PLP 124

Const. #21 Pembroke South East: PLP Win

Curtis Dickinson PLP 432
Gavin Smith FDM 125

Const. #22 Paget East: OBA Win

Scott Pearman OBA 472
Curtis Peadel Richardson PLP 365

Const. #23 Paget West: OBA Win

Arianna Jasmin Leigha Hodgson PLP 282
Jarion Richardson OBA 447

Const. #24 Warwick South East: PLP Win

David William Burch IND 13
W. Lawrence Scott PLP 564
Tarik Smith OBA 240

Const. #25 Warwick North East: PLP Win

Jon Leslie Brunson OBA 405
Ianthia Grace Simmons-Wade PLP 419

Const. #26 Warwick South Central: PLP Win

Neville Tyrrell PLP
Uncontested- WINNER

Const. #27 Warwick North Central: PLP Win

David Arnold Burch PLP 532
Douglas Seraphim James DeCouto OBA 192
Antoine Raynor IND 11
Collingwood Robinson FDM 48
Maria Antoinette Seaman IND 28

Const. #28 Warwick West: PLP Win

Dennis James Ryan Lister PLP 498
Dwayne Vernell Robinson OBA 329

Const. #29 Southampton East: PLP Win

Zane DeSilva PLP 630
DaQuan Jahki Lamel Scott OBA 78

Const. #30 Southampton East Central : PLP Win

Leah Kimberly Scott OBA 400
Jason Russell Weathered Wade PLP 486

Const. #31 Southampton West Central: PLP Win

Crystal Camille Caesar PLP 441
Benjamin Anthony Smith OBA 388

Const. #32 Southampton West: PLP Win

Christopher Paul Gauntlett FDM 100
Karen Louise Magnum OBA 131
Scott Arthur Simmons PLP 551

Const. #33 Sandys South: PLP Win

Jamahl Snaith Simmons PLP 532
Christina Eliot Storey FDM 202

Const. #34 Sandys South Central: PLP Win

Clarence E. Dean FDM 131
Nicky Gurret OBA 63
Kim N. Wilson PLP 611

Const.#35 Sandys North Central: PLP Win

Norris Eugene Brangman IND 3
Michael Cann OBA 97
Dennis Patrick Lister PLP 538
Tiana Pamela Butterfield Saltus FDM 90

Const.#36 Sandys North: PLP Win

Marc Allan Bean FDM 185
Kathy Lynn Simmons PLP 431
Jefferson Colby Sousa OBA 114